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Our advantage
Just to bring you better products
Own factory, rapid sample supply, stable supply, guaranteed delivery
Choose Rongguan to supply samples quickly. Existing products have been verified, reliable in quality, and samples can be quickly provided with fast response speed and short delivery time to ensure timely delivery;
Independent research and development design, strong technical service capabilities
The company has strict product inspection standards to control product quality from the source. Raw materials to finished products are all produced by itself, with strong customization capabilities. In addition to existing standard products, customers The special needs of Rongguan can also be solved quickly;
Stable quality, high cost performance and cost reduction
Strong quality control ability, stable quality, low failure rate, good customer experience, After use, over 90% of customers become long-term partners; they understand customer needs better and recommend it at the beginning of customer design and development More cost-effective products, ensuring quality and meeting price requirements;
Complete categories, perfect one-stop after-sales system
The variety is complete, each customer needs different categories We are satisfied in Rongguan and can provide customers with a "one-stop" service; with the goal of exceeding customer expectations, and the principle of integrity management, we have established pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales One-stop complete service system.

Rongguan Technology · One-stop service process

According to customer needs for customized design, reasonable collocation

  • Demand for communication

  • drawing confirmation

  • Open mold production

  • sample confirmation

  • volume production

  • Delivery after sale


Huizhou Rongguan Technology Co., Ltd

Huizhou Rongguan Technology Co., Ltd. is a factory integrating R & D, production and sales of LCM LCD module (module), LCD screen and backlight products. The company's products include: segment code, dot matrix, character, gray film, blue film, black film, color, black character on blue background, white character on blue background, black character on green background, black character on yellow background, and multi color display. Both standard products and customized products are welcome. According to LCD category, it can be divided into TN type, HTN type, STN type, FSTN type and VA (BTN) type; the connection modes are: zebra, HS, pin, FPC, tab, COG, cob, etc;